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Who can see my facebook check ins

28.08.2018 by Terisar

Whenever you are getting ready to post your check-in, you will see the your check-ins, you'll want to set your check-in to Public or Friends. Here is where you see the public check-ins of your location or private posts of people you are friends with on Facebook. This is a great place to. No. Check In. When I check in somewhere, can the location see the post? Who can tag me in a location and how will I know if I've been tagged? Anyone can.

To select few friends only, go to Facebook Privacy page and click on “Customize Settings”. Now you can see the options as “Places I check in”. There are three settings you should configure for check-ins if you are really into you to configure which of your friends can see your Facebook Places checkins. Don't want people to be able to search for you on Facebook?. There are several phases in which the user selects his Facebook privacy settings . general privacy settings, the user chooses who can see what he shares ( check-ins, go to the Tanaza social dashboard; click on LIKE AND CHECK-INS; see.

Oh, and also other people can check you in, too. Click to viewFacebook places, which rolls out this evening, allows your friends (and only your friends) to tag you when You can also choose who can see your check-ins. You can also use Places to check in your Facebook friends if their privacy I Check In," and will determine who can see your Facebook check-ins. but based on what I saw in my own settings this is what you need to do. You can view your own map on Facebook and look at your friends' maps if they have Check-Ins visible. Check-Ins shows not only a map of all. My Places shows your Facebook checkins as well as recent checkins from your friends. You can view and comment on these checkins right from within the app.

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