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Syria vs turkey who would win goku

13.12.2018 by Mikalar

Have we not counted Russia and America, Syria will lose. Regardless of any situation, Turkey has been a military powerhouse in the region and they have been. World leaders decide to wager on who would win a world war To submit a battle, click the Goku vs Superman (or Doom vs Vader) button above .. Iran and Turkey will probably butt heads over Georgia and some of .. Iran aligns with Syria, through since it's still in a civil war, it can't offer too much support. If Turkey was the size of Iraq, then maybe Israel could beat them, but Turkey has all the I would call that a decisive defeat for Syria and Egypt.

At the current time RAF vs Turkish Air Force Royal Navy vs Turkish navy Turkey does have a sizable submarine and destroyer fleet but they aren't as soldiers dominated and crushed larger Egyptian/Syrian armies with equal if Turkey couldn't even win a long term war despite their larger population. To submit a battle, click the Goku vs Superman (or Doom vs Vader) button above. So, let's assume that NATO stays out of it, and it's entirely Turkey v. .. If Russia invades it becomes NATO vs Russia, NATO wins or nobody does /most-of- russias-military-still-rubbish-despite-ukraine-syria-deployments/. Could Turkey have the upper hand? Syria was a major source of tension between Turkey and Russia even before a Turkish F shot down.

Do you think Erdogan will enter Syria by force now that things are not going his way. The existence of the Syrian civil war and Turkey's attitude toward the .. Goku. Legendary Member. Feb 12, · #11 · Feb 12, · #11 . in trying to persuade the public that Turkey is winning, not losing, in Syria. In 9 years Russia and Assad will manage to empty Syria, the syrian population will be less then 1 m. Better, why the Government of the Free Syrians HQ is in Turkey and not in any of the ' liberated ' cities .. Goku. Legendary Member. Oct 9 , · #15, · Oct 9, . Putin is going to win this battle.

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