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Jason farol whenever you call

22.11.2018 by Visar

Jason Roger Farol (born April 3, ) Is an American singer from Torrance, California, United As the show progressed, Farol improved and made it to the top 5, live shows, where he Week 2, Classic Duets, "Whenever You Call", 7th Place. For his "Classic Duets" performance, he sang Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight's "Whenever You Call" together with his mentor, American Idol. Jason Farol - Whenever You Call Lyrics. Love wandered inside Stronger than you Stronger than I And now that it has begun We cannot turn back We can only.

Pinoy Jason Farol sang “Whenever You Call” with Kelly Clarkson on the second episode of the new reality singing competition "Duets" on ABC. Her young partner with a grown voice, Jason Farol, ended the night in a Watch Kelly Clarkson + Jason Farol Perform 'Whenever You Call'. And I'll always remember the part of you so tender / I'll be the one to catch your fall whenever you call / And I will breathe for you each day, comfort you through.

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