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How to remove air restrictor maverick

31.08.2018 by Karan

So, this is a basic tutorial on removing the Nerf Maverick's air restrictors, increasing power, and removing the barrel locks, which allow the barrels to slide out farther, making reloading easier, plus a few minor mods that help increase power. Then, remove the barrel assembly. Air Restrictor Removal-maverick - posted in Modifications: I have seen several mods for Mavericks online, but being a noob, I'm not sure how. Ahh the good old Nerf Maverick. Often touted as the introductory blaster into the world of foam darts, I'm the first to admit that I'm not it's biggest.

The ultimate way to mod your Nerf Maverick is to cut out the air restrictors. This will give you more range over a stock one and will give you a edge in a crucial. Details Air restrictors are used to represent pieces inside of a Nerf blaster that cut off Modders usually remove these during blaster modification because doing so such as the Maverick REV-6 or the Hyperfire, the air restrictors can be easily . zip tie (recycled from the Maverick box); laser pointer Looks kinda ghetto and needs to be undone in order to open the Maverick. Air Restrictor Removal.

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