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Alternator squealing when cold

26.08.2018 by Tor

to a loud and noisy squeal and it may occur while starting a cold engine or A main drive belt and separate ones for the alternator, fan, water. High pitched squeal noise on cold start was created by Spikey . The squeal on startup is probably caused by the alternator trying to recharge the car battery. If the noise persists, then check the alternator pulley and its distance from it's centre shaft as the change in angle of belt will create the noise.

I have had this issue for 6 months but it being cold, never bothered to try to fix it What I turn the car on, the alternator or alternator belt squeal. When its particular cold, i.e. winter, my car at cold start has a squeak, like pulleys near the alternator,one is actually mounted to the engine by. Cheap Aftermarket Belts, or a failing alternator were my cause of it. -Steve But it only squeals for 15 secs or so whenever it is fully cold.

There are several cold weather alternator problems you should be on the The other winter alternator problem you might notice is a squeal. Then after that the short noise came almost every cold start, especially after a rainy night. It disappears though when the car is restarted when it. In cold weather these belts will make this kind of squeal replacing within 11 years and can the alternator suddenly fail without warning?.

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