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Whatsapp web barcode not loading

26.08.2018 by Mit

This has happened to me before, that is happening because WhatsApp web is not getting enough bandwidth/data to run. You said you have a good connection . Hi,. WhatsApp web bar-code not loading in Chrome Browser. The website is opening perfect but bar-code keeps loading --which has to be scanned by. Once you are done with Whatsapp Web Authentication, you can (QR code not getting loaded in chrome, firefox, WhatsApp application on the.

Navigate to: using either Chrome/Firefox/Opera on OS X; Wait for the QR Code to load; Keep waiting. Expected Behavior. You can access the QR reader in Whatsapp by entering the menu at the main screen. If Whatsapp Web doesn't show up in the menu list then. To start using WhatsApp Web, update Firefox or use Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera. Facebook and Whatsapp Web not working on Chrome.

I had whatsapp bit downloaded on my windows 10 laptop and it used to work fine and then randomly one day it logged me out and ever. qr does not load when i chose whatsapp web on my xl.

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