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What happened to mcnugget rampage lady arrested

27.08.2018 by Gromi

WAY BACK IN , Ohio woman Melodi Dushane went ballistic at a McDonald's drive-thru because she couldn't get Chicken McNuggets. Police say an Ohio woman punched through a McDonald's drive-through window because she couldn't get Chicken McNuggets. McNugget rage nets woman 60 days in jail. by Brian Schwartz Dushane was also charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. She is.

An East Toledo woman became so enraged that chicken nuggets were not available at a Toledo McDonald's that she punched through the. Security camera footage of a Toledo woman attacking a drive-thru attendant after being refused Chicken McNuggets has gone viral on. A woman goes Super Saiyan after being denied Mcnuggets. .. in the US. I doubt she got one since they didn't arrest her on the scene. They hand the next dude his food like nothing just happened! permalink.

McNugget Rampage Security Cam + Melodi Dushane Grand Jury! HD Full Footage! Melodi Dushane: Woman Punches Drive-Thru Attendant. The January 1 McNuggets rage incident resulted in Dushane, 24, being Last March, a Florida woman was arrested after she called three. Dushane's arrest and incarceration remain a matte angry mcnugget woman Has anyone ever wanted chicken Mcnuggets this badly?.

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