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How to do hat tricks tutorial

25.08.2018 by Nikozuru

Learn how you can do cool hat tricks to mix up your dance moves with this tutorial . This how to video teaches hat rolls, and hat flips to do when you are dancing. How to Do Cool Hat Tricks. If you wear a hat, maximize its usage and learn some tricks. There may not be any hat scholarships out there, but it is worth learning. Its best to do this while you're walking. Just like the name sounds, its a way to flip your fedora onto your head. Hold the hat from the back.

This is El Tiro and you're tuning in to hip hop dance Tutorial Thursday I feel like the most sloppy thing dancers do if they have hat tricks is like. How to Do a Hat Flip: This Instructable will teach you how impress your friends with a cool hat flip. Hat tricks are a lot of fun and they look really cool. The tricks.

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