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Whatman harris unicore punch

27.08.2018 by Mezigore

I.D. 2 mm, pack of Synonym: harris punch, harris uni-core, uni-core, whatman punch. Harris Uni-Core I.D. 2 mm, pack of SDS. Similar Products. Harris Uni-Core I.D. 1 mm, pack of 25; Synonym: Z, harris punch, harris uni-core, uni-core, whatman punch; find Sigma-WHAWB MSDS, related. Designed for use with Whatman FTA Cards, FTA Elute Cards, and EasiCollect device; Capable of up to 5 punches; US; Stainless steel cutting edges eble.

Whatman™ WB Harris Uni-Core™ Punch for precise sample disc removal from FTA cards with mm I.D. Tip (Pack of 25). mm Harris Uni-Core™ Punch™ is recommended for use with FTA™ Cards containing buccal cells, plasmids, plant, and other samples with lower DNA. Uni-Core Punch 3 mm; GE Healthcare's disposable Uni-Core Punch addresses your laboratory's manual punching requirements; Designed for use with.

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