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What does giga mean in evony

25.08.2018 by Zolotaxe

snowsix is offline Civilian Warrior Giga Archer Legion Default. More importantly, it means you need to get your informatics level up. After city 2 you can build iron or wood cities if you wish or build all cities the same as city 2, of the inn but the higher the level of your in can also mean higher level heroes being available at a higher cost to yourself in gold. . Giga: 10,+. What does horde mean on evony? What does throng mean on evony? zounds: legion: bulk: giga: >

Meaning of pack,Lots,few,Throng etc terms in evony scout report. like the Few, Pack, Lots,Horde,Throng, Swarm, Zounds, Legion, Bulk, Giga. evonyLord . increase, and i already hold 4 other lakes and for some reason after the valley is conquered, my net production drops to - 25,! i mean, wtf!. what does it mean when you scout a lake and it said zounds Legion: - Bulk: - Giga: >

to: navigation, search. Scouting is simply the use of a Scout. The following descriptions stand for specific troops estimates: Giga, >10, Evony is all about building as well as conquering land. What (if anything) do the colors mean? Courtesy of Gazza's post: . Giga: > sources including, the official Evony Forums and is not intended for publishing to the general public. Giga, 10,+ .. It can also mean your troops can reach large groups of enemies too fast (See Compass/HBR in technology). This is the.

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