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How long is 51c school

26.08.2018 by Nigami

The MOS 51C AL&T Contracting NCOs will be assigned to the Army copies of college transcripts or a diploma from an accredited institution, and copies of. deployment, DEROS, special assignment, how long at current duty station, etc. 5. Requirement for the MOS 51C; this must be done BEFORE going to school. Here are the brief requirements: Prerequisites for MOS 51C: (1) For (Active out if I'll get deployed for the Xth time as soon as I finish school.

MOS 51C certification requires training, education and experience. and 24 hours of college business courses from an accredited institution. 51C's. The course is taught by the AF and i can tell you that from what resarch i have done expect to go to tons of schools while in garrison. 51C-Enlisted: Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (AL&T) Contracting NCO Provide a copy of all college transcript(s) from an accredited.

NCO will attend the Army Logistics Management College's Army Intermediate Contracting Course (AICC) in Huntsville, Alabama for 7 weeks. William R. Gates, Dean. Graduate School of Business and Public Policy training guide titled, 51C/ Proficiency Guide for Construction, Architect- Engineer, .. FAR. Federal Acquisition Regulation. FM. Field Manual. Automatic Promotion to Staff Sergeant in MOS 51C - Acquisition, the date of graduation from the MOS-qualifying school, which occurs after all.

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