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What year was the hong kong flu

01.02.2019 by Meztile

The flu pandemic was a category 2 flu pandemic whose outbreak in and killed The – pandemic[edit]. The first record of the outbreak in Hong Kong appeared on 13 July The same virus returned the following years: a year later, in late and early , and in Fewer people died. Hong Kong flu of , also called Hong Kong flu pandemic of , global outbreak of influenza that originated in China in July and lasted until – 5 days ago After 10 years of evolution, the Asian flu virus disappeared, having been Similar to the Hong Kong flu, the Asian flu was associated with.

As in , a new influenza pandemic arose in Southeast Asia and were not seen until the following year of the pandemic. Since the Hong Kong virus differed from its antecedent Asian. The influenza pandemic (the "Hong Kong flu") was a category 2 flu The same virus returned the following years: a year later, in late and early , . Today, July 13, marks 50 years since the first case of Hong Kong flu was reported in the city. That was in , and over the next six months the.

The Hong Kong flu virus hit in December of , when school children were on vacation. This caused a decline in flu cases because children were not at. In , scientists discovered a new strain of flu circulating around Fifty years later, the Hong Kong flu, known more formally as H3N2, still. B. In December and January the Los Angeles area experienced a widespread epidemic of influenza caused by the "Hong Kong" (A2/ Aichi) strain. Centre for Health Protection | The Government of the Hong Kong Influenza pandemic occurred roughly every 10 – 50 years in the past.

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