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What is error code sc672 error

26.09.2018 by Zulukora

Looking for help with a Ricoh MP with SC Error. If SC clears reseat MBU and re-install Fax Option if code reoccurs replace MBU. The error code or SC is a controller startup error. It could mean the controller board is installed incorrectly or has gone bad. It could also. SOURCE: Problem with the Ricoh mp c Ricoh error code. If the model ia a MPC it a controller board issue maybe the operation.

Code. SC Description. Controller startup error • After power on, the line between the controller and the operation panel did not open for normal operation . Ricoh MP C Manual Online: When Sc (controller Start Up Error) Is Displayed. Symptom Note: CTL = Controller The following occur: SC Hi friends, I would like if you could help me with a problem that I have with a RICOH MP copier, the last ERROR it gave was SC and then it was in Code SC indicates a communication problem between the controller card or .

The following error messages will appear on Gestetner, Lanier, Ricoh and Savin products control panel. There are no codes listed in service for operator/user problems. .. SCEngine or BICU error. SC Op panel to controller problem. I have a SC in this machine, what is this problem? any help apreciated [email protected]

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