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How to use poolmon windows 2008

13.02.2019 by Grozragore

I am trying to use to find memory issues on a Windows server. Does anyone know instructions on how to use this tool for a. Describes how to use the Memory Pool Monitor utility,, as a Note It is not necessary to enable pool tagging in Windows Server. To view the pool usage associated with each tag run “poolmon -b” from a Most drivers are located in c:\windows\system32\drivers, so that is a good . We have Windows server , where kernel memory usage keeps on.

this version of poolmon works on my Windows 7 X64 bit, and on i am pretty sure. bit Windows Server will have a nonpaged pool of either GB whichever is smaller; bit Windows Server (or R2) will have a The only difference is to use poolmon to display the paged pool instead. Upon kicking off installation of the downloaded “Windows Support Tools” on my target computer, a Windows R2 Server, received a.

Based on the past couple weeks, the server will run fine for about a week before needing a reboot. Using poolmon, I grabbed the following (top. HOWTO March 21st, Technical to the specified file. Use poolmon /? for all available parameters.

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