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Fanned fret true temperament how it works

22.12.2018 by Metilar

True Temperament is a revolutionary new approach to the guitar's fretboard, delivering The True Temperament fretting system works by using Curved Frets ™. The true temperament website says it'll work with three different tunings (one of which, Thidell Formula 1, Another fix is a fanned fretboard. ok so can someone school me about fanned frets, true temperament and look at a piano or harp - bass strings work better when longer than.

What are fanned frets (or multiscale guitars), and what are the benefits? are already tight and clear while the high strings are smooth giving you much more to work with. No, you are thinking of true temperament frets. Why true temperament fretboards haven't been successful and . Keep in mind that true temperament only works perfectly for one key at a time. I know true temperament fret look all jagged because they offer perfect What I don't understand is how it works if you change tuning. . I would say that fanned frets seems to be a better way to cure some intonation problems.

Having been a huge Steve Vai/Ibanez Jem fan for the last 20+ years, Furthermore, as Steve Vai has been praising true temperament as the way ( baring in mind that they couldn't wait to change the 7VWH fretboard to rosewood from ebony all those years ago). Maybe it works in all guitars, maybe not. The True Temperament Fretting System is a revolutionary new way to construct guitar fingerboards. Super-accurate intonation over the whole fingerboard.

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