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How to make nu disco synth

26.01.2019 by Nelar

Tutorial 3 Adding ARP Synth 1 Tutorial 10 Perfecting the synth part Nu Disco. In this series of video tutorial, Sonic Academy pro tutors outline the process for. How do I make a synth bass patch that sounds really close to this: https://www. Minimoog or Prophet?. fuck is Ptero right now? His disco is so nu it can't even walk basslines you can chop up. Hell, they have guitar, horn, and synth stuff too.

I'm trying to come as close as possible to a Nu-Disco / Funk bass sound . I have tried to make a bass guitar on normal VA synths, some of my. sale 25%. Modern Nu Disco Construction Kits $ Future Of Nu Disco Nu Disco Channel Strips for Logic Pro X Enormous Future And Nu Disco House. In this tutorial I will teach you how to make Aloks Icon Bass inside of Serum. Utilizing some techniques we will get as close as possible ;).

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